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I'm 30 years old with fair skin/light freckles...

I'm 30 years old with fair skin/light freckles and some issues with large pores and fine lines coming in around my mouth area and uneven skin tone.

I decided to give this a shot myself because I don't want to spend the $ at a derm and I'm not an idiot...I definitely did my homework and felt confident in going the "do it yourself" route.

I just used it and left it on for about 6-7 minutes. It was a tad bit uncomfortable, but no pain no gain right? Right now my skin is definitely red and blotchy looking. My pores still seem big, but I'm not expecting to see results within the first hour. I did a test on the top of my hand last night and I could see/feel immediate results in the texture. My hand felt like a baby's butt right after. I'm hoping the same will happen with my face after a few days of downtime. I have NEVER gotten a facial or anything like that and I'm kinda lazy with skin care, so I take full responsibility for my skin and clogged/large pores. I have a feeling it's going to be about a week or so until I start seeing some results. There's so much crap coming to the surface and a few huge zits forming, I think I'll be one of those cases where things will get worse before better.

Will post an update in a week!


I have had gylcolic peels and my local spa and these things are expensive, so I decided to try a 40% peel at home. I decided just before bed time, so I am not staring in the mirror, looking for results.
I put it on thin layer, I used a cotton pad barely damped it, ) - wiped it on, nothing, so I use another cotton pad wipe on another layer, concentrating on my nose and cheeks, this is where most of my acne is.
I rinsed my face with water and patted dry. My skin looked terrible, it is like it peeled the skin away to reveal all the white heads, my jaw line and nose looked totally gross. I used a tissue and squeezed out all of the white heads, no effort, I mean they just came right out, I washed my face with cool water again, applied some moisturiser and when to sleep.

On gosh, when I get up in the morning, my face was so smooth, large pores on my nose gone, swelling on the jawline gone. Skin looked awesome.

I am not on day 2, and I have tiny pin prick scabs on my face and my skin is starting to flake . I am going to monitor this new change and update you.

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I do my own peels at home as well. I started with 10% lotion just at night. Then I bought the 75% strength for my stretch marks on my stomach. Not sure how it'll work yet as I've only done it twice on my stomach. I have done it twice on my face, half diluted with water. The results are AMAZING, but I'm also 24. My skin doesn't peel, it leaves it tight, my poors smaller, I have mild acne but it becomes resistant to chemicals, so the glycolic acid only helps that a little bit, but does wonders for the discoloration left behind. Leaves my skin smooth and soft.
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I'm anxious to hear your progress. did your face peel for days? will you continue to use?

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