I Love my Results, Thankful I Went with the Right Doctor!

I had combined rhinoplasty and septoplasty done at...

I had combined rhinoplasty and septoplasty done at the same time. I am so happy with my results. It was done just 13 days ago and I already love my new nose. The whole experience went smoothly. I truly believe my doctor is one of the best!


I understand. I actually posted the link to my before and after photo album but I think RealSelf deleted it because it included the name of my doctor in the URL. I will try this again. I changed the name of my album which changed the URL. My Before & Afters: {edited}
Edited by Sharon: Hi. We removed the link because we don't allow links to third-party sites. You can add photos to your review using the "Edit" link at the top of the page. Thanks!
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pic or little more details of your experience? I have trust issue... I think there are many nurses here trying to promote their doctors.
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It has been almost 7 months since surgery, so...

It has been almost 7 months since surgery, so there is still swelling in the tip, but and I am still very happy with my results!


You look great! Like Susie, I am very suspect of most of the things I've found online - but thank you so much for posting your pictures. Would you mind talking with me a little about your experience with the doctor when you have some time? I'm hoping to book a rhinoplasty with him in a few months. I'd really appreciate it!
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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I can't say enough good things about my doctor. He performs closed rhinoplasty so that all incisions are placed inside the nose. There is no visible scaring. That was definitely a plus. His results are consistently beautiful. His website is full of before and after photos. It was comforting being able to see so many of his patients results. I was also able to get into contact with other patients of his, all who were just as happy with their new noses. I've yet to meet a patient of his that wasn't thrilled. He is easy to talk to and listens to what you have to say. He is honest and never once tried to up sell me on anything. This whole process was a blessing because it went smoother than I'd ever imagined. From the doctor to the nurses, everyone was great.

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