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I should have never had the surgery to begin with....

I should have never had the surgery to begin with. What I walked in with was much, much better than what I walked out with. I truly believe the risk for subtle changes is far too great and most definitely not worth it. I didn't have a bump or a crooked nose. I wanted my tip lifted. What I walked out with was a crooked nose and a bony bump. My nose was slim and thinking back, fit my face beautifully. My nose now is wide because I have spreader grafts and one of the bones healed crooked instead of straight. It's not a botch job but it's flawed. This has been confirmed by several revision specialists that I have seen around the country. He's a nice person and always responds to my emails but that doesn't take away from the fact that my results are less than stellar. There should be a point in time that a surgeon should be able to objectively critique their own work and say yes, it didn't go as planned and here is what we can do to fix it. Not everything can be blamed on swelling. He obviously has many happy patients but unhappy ones do exist. When I was initially doing my research 2 years ago, I came across a few reviews on RateMD that were unhappy patients... honestly, I ignored those and thought they were fake because I truly believed he can do no wrong. Looking back, I should have listened to my family and friends who were strongly against it, but hindsight is always 20/20.

I won't post any photos because it makes me cringe every time I see it. I can go into further detail about my surgery and experience with him after the disappointing results, but please PM me for that. I don't want to deal with the Grigoryants cheerleading squad.


I should add that my profile looks better. The bump is on the side so it doesn't show from profile views. I have a follow up appt with Dr G in a few months (he's aware that I'm unhappy at the moment) and I will discuss my options with him then.

Revision Drs

These are some of the doctors I have consulted with so far. Please let me know if anyone has had any experience with them, good or bad. Thanks!
Dr Le
Dr Frankel
Dr David Kim (SF)
Dr Most
Dr Guyuron
I may make an appt to see Dr Gruber so if anyone has seen or had surgery with him, please let me know how your experience went. Also, I have a follow up appointment with Dr Grigoryants in August, but I think it's good to keep my options open and hear from other surgeons as well.

Revision Done

I am about 2 weeks post op from my revision. I ultimately decided to go to a different surgeon and I'm really happy with my decision. Things are looking really good but I know I'm still early so I'm going to wait a bit before I can really celebrate. One thing I'd like to add is that I find it funny that some people are so quick to dismiss negative reviews on dr G. I can assure you all that I'm a real patient and my issues were unfortunately very real. I did not have unrealistic expectations and I certainly don't have BDD or any other issue. My surgery simply did not go well. I think he's a good doctor and a nice person. This is just my experience and it's not meant to deter anyone from going to him. I will update in a few months and post pictures then when things are more settled.

revision update

I am approaching one year since my revision. Unfortunately, it didn't give me the improvement I was looking for. My revision surgeon (not Dr.G) agrees with me, but I don't want to make the same mistake and go back to someone who wasn't able to deliver the first time. I really cannot believe I am in this situation. This was the worst mistake of my life. Having surgery in the first place was a mistake, but going to Grigoryants was also a mistake. How my nose went from slender and straight to short, bumpy, lumpy and crooked is beyond me. He made my tip larger and my overall nose wider. Why?? It should have been a straight forward procedure. I didn't ask for deprojection or to lower the bridge height too much. It's as if he didn't listen to any of my concerns and did the exact opposite of what I asked for. I am now contemplating another revision. I've seen quite a few doctors and all feel that the spreader grafts need to be removed or trimmed and the bones need to be broken in (evenly this time) to add narrowness, definition and most importantly symmetry back to my nose.
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