1 year and 5 months Post Op- Glendale, CA

I got my septoplasty turbinate reduction...

I got my septoplasty turbinate reduction rhinoplasty done on March 21, 2013 with Dr.Grigoryants in Glendale, CA.
I had a hideous hump on my left profile and on my right; the front of my nose was wide and too big for my super petite face. I had no breathing problems nor had I broken my nose in the past; I just had self esteem issues. I got my nose done to please myself because every time I looked in the mirror I would feel down and not so pretty. My fiance and family always told me otherwise.
I am happy that my hump got removed but I should have expressed more to Dr.G how I wanted my nose to look. My nose is completely different to my old one. It is more short and feel that it looks slopish on the right profile. People at work tell me other wise and love how it looks now but I feel they are just saying it to make me feel better.

I do like my nose and am adjusting to this new face but I think if it were a bit longer/dropped it would look better and make my face look fuller. My neck is a bit long and a small face doesn't help my look and I didn't think about that before surgery. I asked for a before and after pic before my surgery and Dr.G told me that they are hardly accurate and would be no help in seeing the final look. I wish I would have insisted so that I could have mentally prepared for this. I told him I didn't want a piggy/super lifted look. Dr.G told me I have an asymmetrical face and that my nose tilts to the right so after surgery it would still tilt to the right but that only I would notice it. I agreed to proceed knowing my nose would not be straight because the hump bothered me sooo much I just didn't care. I still don't mind that it tilts to the right and I hope I never will! I am also hoping my nose will drop more with time. It is difficult to adjust to a petite, lifted nose after having a big, wide, droopy nose for 21 years.

I do feel more confident now because I can finally wear my hair in a bun or up without feeling self concious of the humpy nose looking masculine.

ps.I felt no pain AT ALL after surgery just uncomfortableness when eating. I think after a few months I will get used to my new face and not want to get an injection to make the bridge of my nose a bit fuller nor will I contemplate elongating my nose:/
I hope no one gets discouraged by reading my review just do your research thoroughly and be 200% sure that you want surgery. I am expressing how I currently feel:)) I know an emotional rollercoaster!:))
I have uploaded a few pictures feel free to message or comment:)
Ive been researching a doctor to do rhinoplasty for a while now and i found before and after pix of dr g patients and it looks good. Im 21 years and im just really scared that i might not like the results. I also have a bump on the bridge of my nose. Did he spend enough time with you on the consultation? Did he show you 3d images of what it could possibly look like. Was the consult expensive?
Thank you every one for your comments!:))
I do not know if you ever took drawing classes. Look up facial proportions . What Dr Grigoryants did for you was perfect. Before surgery your midface was too long and your nose was too long. You lower face was too short. If he just shaved the bump and did not raise the tip, the length of you midface would be more accentuated. He raised your tip enough to balance your mid and lower face. You most recent photos with less lip swelling show much better facial proportions and your nose does not dominate your face any more. I think your nose looks perfect and looks great on you. You are very beautiful. I am jealous :)

2 Month Post-Op

Hi everyone:) So I am two months post op and I really like my nose...the tip has dropped and it's looking much better. I need to schedule a post op visit with Dr.G to follow up on my progress...etc I am no longer freaking out about my nose nor do I regret this surgery. My apologies for not writing much but I am falling asleep as I am typing:]
I have uploaded new pictures as well. All pics are from 5/18-22/2013

2 months post op

Also, I no longer think my nose is too short. I was quick to judge my nose knowing it takes time for it to heal but I am adjusting now:)
You look like Mila kunis from the profile sometimes. Beautiful results I'm almost tempted to print them and show my surgeon one of the best rhinos i've ever seen but that would be kinda creepy lol. keep us updated please :)
Thank you lol if you would like to print them go ahead...anything to get your vision across to your surgeon. I will be updating very soon:)
haha okay will be waiting

3 Months Post Op Update:)

Hello everyone at realself
I am 3 months post op and some days my nose is really swollen and some not much. Usually mornings my nose is swollen and through out the day the swelling goes down. My tip continues to drop, so I've noticed.
My face is normal/dry (as usual) and my nose gets oily and has been breaking out a little probably from all the make up I wear. I think in a few more months my nose will be back to normal dry.
The profile views are still great. The front view is okay as well as a work in progess. I've learned to be patient and not focus on it. I kinda think my nose looks better in person than in pictures.
I predict by 18 months, you will be so happy. I can still see swelling so just be patient. I would complain to my Dr. about my nose and he said wait until 18 months. He was right! It turned out exactly how I wanted it. Maybellineo
I hope so. Everyday my nose changes shape due to swelling...etc. I am being a bit patient or so I think:)) That's awesome that your nose turned out exactly how you wanted it Lucky:) Did you have open or closed surgery? -ECJ
You look beautifull and i cant even tell that its tilted. Anyways if it would been too symetric it wouldnt of been pretty. Congradulaion!

3 month post-op

I uploaded a few more pics and as I was going through my before pics comparing them to my after pics I noticed and realized that I've lost a few pounds:/ My face looks thinner and ugh lol probably from stress too.
Anywho Best wishes to you all realself users who are going to or already have had surgery:)
Did Dr. G narrow your nostrils too?
Great result! Your new nose suits your face really really well, looks like the nose you were born with! The 3 month post op pics just go to show how we all need to wait for swelling etc.. I haven't had mine done yet (sept 4) but i know i'll be so impatient haha so having reviews like urs to look at are great and will definitely keep me positive during recovery xx
How many days did it take for your bruising and swelling to reduce enough that you felt comfortable in social settings? Did you bruise/swell a lot?

Post Op 4 Months on July 21

Post Op 4 Months on July 21

hello, the dr G. told me the same thing that my nose tilts to the right and only I would notice it. I am super nervous, I scheduled my surgery anyway. Your nose looks great!!! How are you feeling? Do you have any regrets? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

post op 6 months on sept 21..biggest mistake. miss my old nose

So all was well and lovely on months 2-3 but now days away from 6 months post op I can't help but to miss my original nose and cry every other day when I look over my before nose pics. That "ugly" nose made me look unique and exotic. It used to bring out my eyes and show how nice they are. Now it brings them out for how ugly I look overall. No joke I look like a tranny sometimes...sorry that's not nice of me to say! Sadly I am looking into revision...debating between fillers for the rest of miserable life or revision surgery once I find a Dr who can somehow make my nose into what it should've looked like after rhinoplasty. I wish I would've tried fillers before surgery. Always go with your inner instincts. Mine were saying "please hold on longer you don't have to go through with it but my outside instincts were greedy/naive and thinking of only the good outcome. I still have a weak oversloped bridge almost Polly beak looking and pointed out just ugly. And its still crooked/tilted. I feel disgusted of myself for doing this. When I do my make up dramatically/pack it on, are the only times I almost look decent. When I go for a natural look, I look plain creepy. My mother tells me to learn from this and live with it that it doesn't look too bad but that it doesn't look natural. The love of my life says I look beautiful and that he could care less what my nose looks like but he has to day that duh jk lol any who I am dreaming big and hoping that a bridge will pop up on my nose and it'll drop enough to not have much nostril show. Gosh how naive I was/am...now I'm thinking of when I get older how the skin near my nose will wrinkle more than it does now when I smile and I'll need revisions to keep up with my deteriorating nose. How I wish I could turn back time. Being at work and in public is the worst! I got a new job. I keep to myself but I know people are wondering lots in their mind when they see me. Only twice people have asked me rude mean questions...comments I hear every single day and I know they are of me/nose/appearance but I somehow manage to brush it off. I have to I have no choice but to suck it up and show up to work. I must not let people make me or break me. :( once I get home I cry it out and tell myself I have to stop and get a grip before I lose all sanity. I am considering therapy or counseling because, and I hate hate to share this with you but, I have contemplated suicide...googled ways to do it for when I reach my breaking point but I know I won't have the courage to do so...its the loser way out. I think of others who have it worse than I and it makes me feel guilty for having done this, the money wasted on selfishness and encourages me to do better and feel better. I could've used that money for good instead of self greediness. I also noticed that all the fat from my face lost I haven't been able to get back. And my eyes/cheeks just don't look the same to me. I look sad and tired not upbeat and awake like I used to.
I don't want to discourage anyone of their choice but I don't recommend surgery. This procedure is one that you will never get back what you once had. Any who I pray that I will see good changes in my nose and like/love it.
Please let us know everything is ok with you. We love you.
You are very caring and sweet, thank you I am doing better:) Hope all is well with you
I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles :( my heart really goes out to you. I'm prepping for my rhino myself and I'm worried I won't love it. I hope you eventually find peace- even if its through counseling or a revision. It breaks my heart that you've contemplated suicide! Please know that you really do seem like an absolutely LOVELY person, and it comes through in your writing :) It probably isn't worth much but you seem lovely on the outside too :) I hope you get the help you need.

6 Months Post Op

Hi realself friends,
I've been doing better. I try and not think of my nose; keep busy and it's been helping so far. I have been styling myself like I used to and I'm starting to see the old me:)
You all have been so kind and helpful thank you. The pics I just posted are from this month October. Keeping it short this time around:)
Best regards ECJ

6 Months Post Op

You made the right decision! You look absolutely adorable!
You look gorgeous. You just have to work on the inside to be able to see what we can see here.
As someone who also had rhinoplasty I wanted to comment. I also went through a phase of missing my old nose and regretting my surgery; I hated it the moment my cast was removed and for the period after I would avoid mirrors and look back at my old photos and cry - I barely even left my house for the first month as I'd burst into tears when applying makeup in the mirror. After some time went by, most of the swelling decreased and I had stopped focusing on it, somehow, I fell in love with my new nose. I realised that it wasn't my old nose shape that I missed, but I had some sort of subconscious fear that by changing my nose I had somehow lost a part of me. Looking back now I regret the stress I put myself through, I believe you will too. The time it takes to adjust to a new nose varies from person to person, after the swelling goes down even more and you're used to your new nose I think you will love it too - its okay to miss your old nose, after all, its what you've lived with your whole life, but once you're adjusted to your new nose I think you will appreciate it :) Looking at your photos you were pretty already, but your new nose fits better with your face, you now look beautiful and it brings out your gorgeous eyes. Best of luck with the continuation of your healing, and wishing you happiness :)

10 months post op

Hi everyone! So I am 10 months post op. I don't love my nose but I can live with it. I still wish I never got the surgery and that I could rub my nose roughly when it itches or after I sneeze. Oh the little things! Anywho maintaining positivity and happy thoughts, being thankful for life itself has gotten me through these past months. I have days where I fall to pieces but get right back up.

Happy healing to you all?

10 months post op

Happy healing to you all! not question mark lol
Hope you are doing great!
how are you going now?
Hi ecj, you were beautiful before your surgery and I like your results. Because you are very petite it does suite your face. I know mentally the whole process takes a tole on you, i too felt like my nose mAde me look unique and different and i didnt want a drastic differnce just a better verson of my old nose my biggest concern in my rihnoplasty journey was making sure I still looked like me. I know a lot of people don't always understand but i get why you missed your old nose. You are very beautiful and still look unique. I hope everything works out for you best of luck. :)

1 year and 5 months post op

Hi Realself world long time no review!
So it has been a love&hate relationship my nose and I have been having. Some days I like it and others I dislike it. When I turn a certain angle for pictures my nose looks flat and the bridge looks weak as if I don't have a bridge/cartoonish like. Anywho I avoid going out unless I have to or if I am being forced to by family (meaning they say I go along with them or nobody goes type of thing and I don't want to be the party pooper lol even if they don't always mean it I don't like feeling like the debbie downer so I go). Also it might be me paying too much attention or something but everytime I go out I feel people look at me as if they can tell I've had surgery and as soon as they see me they rub their nose and it drives me nuts it never fails! The following might be TMI so beware: in order to clean my nose or pick I use my phone's flashlight, a mirror, tweezers, and a q-tip. If I feel my nose is moist I get the qtip and move it around inside my nose to dry it. I think it's ocd but I don't want my nose feeling moist inside and I don't want boogers to build up or dry inside so I always have napkins or qtips with me to dry my nose.
I would have liked for my nostrils to have been brought in closer and overall my nose to be closer to my face and a less pointy nose but when I look at my before pics I appreciate my new nose.

Hope you all are doing well!! :))
I wish you had left your before and after photos up to be viewed. It really was a huge imporvement, and thanks to your review of him I decided to go with him as my surgeon and it's exactly in one week. Very greatful for the time you spent answering comments and posting your updates. :)
I said it before and I'll say it again.. You are absolutely gorgeous!
Beautiful Results! Have you contacted him about your concerns?
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I found Dr.G through research and realself.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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