Diamond Microdermabrasion - Glendale, CA

I got a series of 4 Diamond Microdermabrasion on...

I got a series of 4 Diamond Microdermabrasion on Groupon and have used one so far. It was a typical experience and they extracted some hard oil pimples in my pores. I have noticed my pores are smaller and face very silky after the treatment. However I did experience a few pimples poping out a few days after the treatment. Maybe the product they used also did something to my pores?

My face looks noticeably more clear and brighter but in the third week after my treatment I started another minor breakout but mostly healed after 7 days and I have just scheduled another Diamond Microdermabrasion for tomorrow. I can't wait.


The breakouts were INFLAMMATION, due to too many exfoliation in a short period of time.
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the Groupon I got was 4 treatments for 100 so it's really 25 bucks per treatment (i just looked it up, thought it was more expensive when I wrote the review). It was well worth it because she spent a full hour cleaning, massaging, poking, steaming, peeling, masking and finally a coat of moisturizer. Their website had a 4 series special for 4 for $200 otherwise it's $60 at regular.

My face looks even better than after my first treatment. I will go back for my third treatment in 3-4 weeks.

I am glad I got this amazing deal and they use all Yon-ka products for facials.
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Sounds like you found a great deal!! Looking forward to hearing how your 4th treatment goes. :)

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