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I have hated my teeth for as long as I can...

I have hated my teeth for as long as I can remember. I was teased and picked on in grade school and it just made my self esteem drop. My teeth are all straight but I have spaced in between most of the teeth on the top. Im a very bubbly person and love laughing and making others laugh, so its hard when I catch myself showing them then quickly cover them with my hand. During my consult with Dr. Wilcox he was so through and professional! He did not pressure me or try to upwell me on anything. He truly listened and answered any questions regardless of how silly it may have been. We ended up deciding on 8 upper veneers and bleaching the lowers. His knowledge and guidance was amazing and i know when I come in to get things started I will have an amazing smile!


Hi :).  I'm glad to hear that you were so happy with your experience with your dentist! I hope you'll be willing to post before pictures, and show us the process with temps and perms when you finally get those.  Veneers are one of those things where the aesthetics of the doctor are so important, that getting a feel for the dentist requires seeing their work.  Did you get to look at lots of before and after pictures at the doctor's office?

I hope that you'll get your new smile soon!  Good luck!!
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Hi! :) oh yes I researched so many but he was the best. I'm working on getting everything together so I can get them soon. I plan on taking tons of pictures during the process and before! :) It truly is an art and his attention to detail plus his experience will, I'm sure, give me that stunning smile I'm after. As soon as I start the process I will update here so you can follow. Thanks for reading my review. :)
Thank you!  And I look forward to your updates!
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My teeth have always been a sore spot for me, so I knew there would be a day when I scheduled a consult for Veneers. Im terrified of the dentist, but I can honestly say that Dr. Wilcox and his ENTIRE staff are amazing! They truly treat you like family and I was actually looking forward to appts not only for the veneers but to be around such a wonderful team. I was scheduled and ready for my temporaries but a family emergency came up so I had to call and let them know I had to wait. Worst day ever, I was so upset, but they assured me that it was ok and family is important. Not one time did they make me feel bad or like I was a problem having to reschedule. I mentioned it would take time to make it back in and they completely understood, they said my temps will wait for me. I WILL be going back to get my veneers as soon was things calm down and knowing that I chose a doctor and staff that treated me like family makes it that much better. I have told everyone this story and everyone agrees that its hard to find a dr and staff that truly care about you, instead of whats in your wallet. I can't wait to see them, walking out with perfect teeth will just be a bonus! Thank you EVERYONE at Desert Smiles!!!

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