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I have always gained most of my weight in my...

I have always gained most of my weight in my stomach. I am hoping for a flat tummy but we shall see. I am 41 yrs old w/2 children. I am doing two small panels on my upper & lower stomach. I have a high pain tolerance so praying I do not experience the pain I have read on other peoples blogs. I will be very upset if I see no change so I am putting a lot of hope that this will be worth the time & money.

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I found this location online & read good reviews.

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I had great results! I'm not "flat as a board" but looking 80% better and no longer so focused on my "pouch"... Amazing. The pain I felt was mainly because the "extra fat" was more noticeable as it jiggled. I did this 8 months ago and happy for it. Either I have a high tolerance to pain, or others had a lot more discomfort. The discomfort is worth it.... Right?
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