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I had my lower abs done just over 8 weeks ago....

I had my lower abs done just over 8 weeks ago. Very pleased with the results! I had some swelling in the beginning, but that went away pretty quickly and I am enjoying my new look. However, I want to know if any of you out there can answer this:
1. If I go for the lower abs for a second time, do you recover (meaning do you not swell as much the second time around) faster?
2. I am thinking of getting my flanks done. I read that it is more comfortable during the procedure, but what about after? Is there much swelling? Trying to decide do I do it in the summer or wait until after. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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I had both my lower abdomen and flanks done.

My flanks did not swell as badly as my abdomen, but they bruised a lot more. It looked like i had 2 "hickies" on me, where my abdomen swelled but had no bruises. The bruises lasted for about a week - so wait if you wear a 2 piece!

I also lost the fat differently. With my abdomen, I lost the fat gradually-where I saw no results on my flanks until it all went away seemingly overnight at about week 6.

I was thrilled with my abdomen results, but I am even more happy with my flanks because it really completed the shaping I wanted.
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Thanks! I'm going to go for a second round on my lower abs. That was always what I complained of most so I want to tackle that. But I'm definitely thinking of doing the flanks. I agree that it might complete the shaping. That's kind of cool that it sort of "went away over night". I know the process works. Just have to be patient and then consistent with your lifestyle!
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Hey there,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, I'm glad everything seems to have gone well for you.

I haven't had CoolSculpting myself, but from what I've read of others who have had it, swelling is very much down to the individual. Some people experience it and some don't. Also, I haven't noticed many people saying that flanks swelled more than abs.

Please do keep us updated with your progress.

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