Do Not Recommend for Chin/neck Area.

I had SmartLipo with no suction under my chin in...

I had SmartLipo with no suction under my chin in early 2008. Lipo did not correct the problem, which is caused by a muscule that needs to be cut or sewn up which is and was obvious to a professional.

I just scheduled a neck lift with a "real" surgeon who is going to give me a jawline again. I'm very sorry that I wasted so much money on SmartLipo.

I also had a very bad experience at Medspa 1064 with the PS. Would not recommend.
I had the platysmaplasty in February and it has made a difference. Went to Dr. Stephen Brown in New Britain, CT and will post follow up picture one I figure out how!
Sorry you were not properly guided to what you needed. I had neck lipo with suction for 2700 dls. I think the suction is crucial and sometimes the neck lift is necessary anyway. At least that is what my ps recommended to touch up with in a few years. Good luck
MedSpa 1064

A professional would have known this was the wrong procedure for my problem and advised me to go to a surgeon rather than take my money knowing the outcome.

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