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Bulging Fat Underneath my Bra - Glasgow, Scotland

I hated wearing tight tops because my fat back...

I hated wearing tight tops because my fat back bulged from under my bra. It looked horrible. The procedure was quick and the down time was minimal. I am really happy with one side but the other side still has bulges. My Dr says it's because I was lopsided to begin with. Now I'm stuck with lopsided results. If only I'd known ahead of time I wouldn't have chosen him. Not sure what to do now. It was very expensive and I'm feeling cheated!

Dr Peter Hickman, Kings Cosmetic Clinic

After I complained about the results, the Dr grabed this big lump of fat and tried to tell me it was skin and that the reason that it wasn't on the other side, was because I was lopsided to begin with. He didn't though grab any big flap of fat on the otherside because he couldn't. He insists he did everything right but I'm left with poor results. I would strongly recommend to anyone considering using this Dr in Glasgow, not to use him. I think the procedure is good. My Dr wasn't and for the cost, you really hope for better results.

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Any good doctor would of had you come in 6 months later and redone that side. This is awful to hear. I am so sorry.
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OMG! What a strange way for your doctor to react. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Have you sought any second opinions?

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