Glad I Opted Out

I scheduled my Lifestyle Lift in February for the...

I scheduled my Lifestyle Lift in February for the following OCTOBER. After reading the comments on this site, I decided against it, thanks to all the women who shared their dissatisfaction. In April I tried to get a refund on my deposit, and had to call week after week, all with no response. I finally received a form letter from Lifestyle Lift months later, saying it was too late for a refund. Really - Were they not able to fill my appointment scheduled for October - six months later??? If they couldn't even get back to me about wanting a $400 deposit back, what would it have been like if I had problems or dissatisfaction with my results? So glad I opted out. The $450 deposit loss was worth it. They are an unreputable company. I went to a board-certified plastic surgeon and asked if he did this procedure. He said no, that reputable surgeons won't perform procedures that don't work.
Good for you. I had the lifestyle lift three years ago in Waltham. -- unbelievable pain and discomfort still. Wish I had read te reviews.
yes, I did get my $400.00 back...I put it on my visa and then disputed it and won!!
I spoke to my cosmetic surgeon about this procedure, and he said he would not ever do this kind of lift, and does not recommend it. You are smart. Save up the money and do it the right way. Make sure you RESEARCH your surgeon well prior to ANY surgery. I researched my surgeon for 3 yrs before I made my first appointment, and I am very happy with him.
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