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Second Times the Charm - Gilbert, AZ

I have very fair skin and problems with broken...

I have very fair skin and problems with broken capillaries around my nose. I initially went to a medspa and had IPL done around my nose only, to address the capillaries. The cost was $70. It hurt! Like the type of shock that makes you jump every time the laser went off. I did not use numbing gel. Afterword not much happened, I was slightly red in the area but no improvement in my capillaries even after weeks, I never went back.

Recently I used a groupon for a facial, and I happen to have Lynne, the owner of the spa working on me. She was great and actually cleared up a lot of questions about my skin that I had. She told me I have slight rosacea and eczema that no other aesthetician, or dermatologist has ever mentioned. In fact during my consultation at the previous medspa, I actually pointed out what I thought was rosacea to the Dr.

Long story short, I gave IPL another try with Lynne and I was bracing for the shocking hot snap and instead what happened didn't hurt at all. Much more pleasent treatment. Again I didn't use the numbing gel Kinda still snappy not as hot and didnt make me jump. Not bad at all. Face feels normal 4 hours after. Immediate results are brighter skin, smaller pores and darkening of sun damage spots. I had my whole face treated this time and will continue with more treatments.

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That is great that you are liking the results of your IPL this time. Are there different ways you will be needing to care for your skin now that you have discovered you have rosacea and eczema?

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