Silicone Injections (Micro-droplet) to Enhance Lips - Germany

Hello, i am from Germany and had silicone...

Hello, i am from Germany and had silicone injections (micro droplet) done by plastic surgeon to enhance my lips about 3 1/2 Month ago. I always had very thin lips. I had no problems with the sili in my lips (done over two years ago).

The results are nice but one side of my face is still a little bit swollen. My doctor recommended prednison (cortisone) 15 mg for about 3-4 Weeks because he thinks that there ist still a little inflammation present.

Now they are really luscious (if someone is interested i can post a picture). However if you are a very impatient person you should seek for another option like Resty because with the micro droplet technique it takes several month to reach the final result.

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Could you recommend a good doctor and post your pics,, I am located in ottawa, Canada.
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Just want to say I heard about the silicone growing over the years and so the people having to get more surgery years from now to get it excised!I'd google that!
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Hi, I am also from germany and interested in lip augmentation with sili. My questions. 1) which doctor you have choosen here? I know 3 docs in germany, only who take sili for lips. 2) how many rounds and what ammout of sili, you have done? 3) are you going with pms 350? I would be interested in your pics, if you like to mail me. Thank you! heidi

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