Hoping This Works

Getting close to 50, not ready for a facelift but...

Getting close to 50, not ready for a facelift but boy do I hate my turkey neck. My Dr. has recently started offering Ultherapy. After some research and the initial consulate I decided to try it. Yesterday he treated my jawline, jowls & neck. My doctor wrote me a script for a Percocet to take an hour before treatment and am grateful he did. When close to the bone and on the deeper setting, definitely could feel it. Today I feel great - no pain at all. A little swollen but no bruising. Took a few of my own before pics and will post them in about 8 weeks. Hopefully by then will begin to see some difference (though from everything I've read - takes 3 months before seeing a difference on the neck).
Welcome to the community.  Thank you so much for starting your journey with us.  Definitely post the pictures when you are ready.  I am anxious to hear what you think of the results.
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