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Vertigo After Botox - Georgia

In December of 2006 I got my first botox injection...

In December of 2006 I got my first botox injection before a vacation trip to Hawaii. I felt a little problem with balance the day after and went back for my follow up a week later. They gave me additional injections around my eyes and forehead...the next morning I was in the emergency room with severe vertigo and right beating nystagmus. I'm in healthcare and I KNOW that these injections contributed to my illness. I have nerve felt "normal" since that day...Dec 20, 2012...will never forget it!! I have been diagnosed with Meniere's, but instead of episodes, I have ringing in the ears, vertigo (not as severe as the first episode) and hearing loss. Tell me doctors...if it is a neurotoxin...why can't it damage nerves (as in vestibular-cochlear nerve) to someone that may be immune compromised. I am tired of hearing there is no relation just because the studies have not been done. I have chalked it up to "shit happens" and have learned to live with it and just strive to be the healthiest I can be. It definitely has changed my life and I regret it every day. Buyer beware...


I'm so sorry to hear what you are experiencing. Thank you for sharing you story with us. I get vertigo from time to time when I have had colds, so I know how awful it is. I hope this somehow goes away for you.

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I can not thank ladydc enough and RealSelf! I have had severe dizziness, like you will FAINT, barely able to walk or drive or go into a store! This started 4 days after botox and am now counting a 9 MONTH recovery! I have spent nearly over $5000 in Doctor's bills, MRI's, 2 Ear Nose Throat doctors, Internal Med, EKG's, Echocardiogram, Physical Therapist, Rheumatologist and 2 Neurologists! Do you want to know what they found?? Nothing! They all say the same....that botox has to be out of your system! I KNOW it is the botox, at 9 months I am starting to slowly get better and the coincidence is too strange! I am also in the health industry and what a shame that the doctors can't help and the deceit by botox manufacturers!

I must say Thank you to Real Self and all you that have posted---it has literally saved me! When I get so depressed or return from another doctor saying they don't know what it is or see another bill....I read your posts over and over again and this is what helped me through it, just knowing something is NOT right about botox and there is HOPE. So Thank You Real Self Posters and LadyDC as that is what is helping me and not the doctors visits.
It has been 2 years for me......over $50K in doctor bills. It is absolutely infuriating to not have answers and actually be denied of the correlation....when there have been so many reports to the FDA. It is also infuriating how the FDA isn't demanding more research and long-term outcome studies on this. This toxin can hide in our systems for years and continue to cause horrible, debilitating symptoms. Many continue to suffer, and, like Lady DC, have other medical issues that are caused by this nuerotoxin.
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