Tummy Tuck After Having Natural Triplets!

I decided to have the tummy tuck because my...

I decided to have the tummy tuck because my triplets obviously left me with plenty of unwanted skin and stomach muscles that couldn't be repaired with situps alone.

I just had my tummy tuck 11 days ago, and I actually feel great! The first few days were rough, but surprisingly I only had to take pain medication for 4 days! The only thing that's heartbreaking for me is that I can not pick up my 2 year olds and they don't understand why, but I look great already!! :-)

i am struggling with that too i miss my cuddles...but sit down ones are just as good...with pillows in case of flying legs! post some pics,i would love to see! so glad u r pleased with ur results x
You'll be picking up your children soon! Congratulations on your smooth recovery.
Do you have any before and after pics? It breaks my heart not being able to pick up my two litle ones but the end is worth the sacrifice of a few weeks. :)
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