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One of the many things I loved about my tummy tuck...

One of the many things I loved about my tummy tuck was the how I can now wear a string bikini in the summer time and said bye bye to the tankini!!! When I was meeting different prospective surgeons, I always asked them about where the scar would be, because lets face it - what's the point in getting a tummy tuck if the scar was going to be high enough to be seen even with modest undies on. If I was going to do this, I wanted it done right. So Dr. N seemed to be the only one who really understood my concern and he made me feel like he would be very focused on making the scar as low as possible. I'm so glad I used him!

I love wearing bikinis now and I also love that since my ab muscles are now back together (I guess they were split down the middle from having two kids...) I can run and workout and my abs feel great - i feel like I have a lot of core strength which was never the case before. So even though this surgery was mostly about cosmetic improvements, I also got a huge beneift in my workouts! I loved the nurses and staff - they made me feel like the most important person in the world not only on my surgery day but during my post-op check ups. I can't remember exactly how much the tummy tuck was b/c I had fat transfered to my cheeks too to get rid of fine lines. LOVE it!!!

PS: I had on tight skinny jeans the day he took my after pics so that line you see bellow my belly button is from my tight jeans! I didn't know he was taking after pics that day. The scar is just under my pantie line and you can also see where I had a tattoo but lost some of it in the surgery. LOL. I have since had it lasered off.... which he did for free b/c he said he wished he could have removed it all (at my request....) He also did lipo on my thighs!!!!

You look fabulous! How exciting!

How long did it take you to stand up 100% straight? Was standing tall something that took a lot of physical effort, and did you feel pulled or tight at the top of your abs? I had mine done 9 days ago and am getting nervous about my inability to stand completely straight. I look like I have terrible posture. Thanks!
after 2 weeks im able to pretty much stand up 98% straight. if i swell or sit for a long time then i stiffin a little but each day u will notice a diff in ur posture.
Thank you!! The healing time was a good six weeks... I think if anyone is considering a tummy tuck / lipo, they need to be ready for the recovery period. But it was SO worth it. Thank you again for your very kind comment!!!! I love Dr. Nease. Are you considering anything?
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he gave me a very very low tummy tuck scar; loved his staff; love his facility

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