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In November 2010 I had Mohs surgery. I had a BCC...

In November 2010 I had Mohs surgery. I had a BCC just to the side of my right nostril. I felt it, but it was too tiny to see. My dermatologist biopsied it and it was BCC. I was referred to a specialist in Mohs. I did not have a plastic surgeon afterwards and my scar is really not noticeable. It took 12 stitches, but they healed really well. No one knows about it unless I tell them.

Hi Everyone. I'm sitting out her terrified because my Dr. called Friday evening and said the biopsy on the left side of my nose is Bcc. I've had to prior surgeries for Bcc, one on my forhead and one on my right temple. These were both fairly easy as the scars could be hidden by skin/hair on the forhead and hair on the temple. But the nose? I've been looking at some of the after photos and I'm really scared. Has anyone had a flap done on their nose that healed well without excessive scarring? Can a plastic surgeon repair scars in needed after the fact? My doctor wanted me to call his office and schedule an appt for the surgery and I will. Any information you guys have would be so appreciated. I'm out here in Hawaii, the land of SUNSHINE...

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling scared. How are you doing now? Have you scheduled your surgery?

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Welcome to the community. Yay, glad they were able to catch and fix the problem before it got any worse. Did you have any pain or downtime? 12 stitches seem like a lot, do you have a scar? Please keep us updated.

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Kind and gentle and did excellent job with sutures so that my scar is not noticeable.

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