Not Pleased with Fraxel Restore Results Thus Far! - Georgia

I went in several months ago and have had 3 Fraxel...

I went in several months ago and have had 3 Fraxel Restore Treatments, at first I saw immediate results, my skin appeared smoother, the acne scarring appeared less noticeable but after about 3-6months post treatment, my skin looks no better, I've also noticed more scarring, which I believe was caused by the fraxel laser. I feel I've wasted $4,000 for what?

I'm going in today for my 4th treatment, only because it was pre-paid for, hoping that I will see some improvement.

If someone does not have good results with any type of treatment, why go back for another one? This seems to be part of the reason of why a lot of people end up with such horrible results. I had fraxel done last friday. I am hispanic with olive skin. Although I was told I would need a total of 2 treatments, I don't like the itchinness and dryness I am currently experiencing. I know I am still healing, however, I still don't like it. In my opinion, Retin-A (pimple gel) works better and is without the side effects. Absolutely no down time, just be sure to use sunscreen always.
I have not had results from this procedure.
I wish I had chosen breast aug. that's how unhappy I am with my results! I even had a fraxel repair on my forehead and no change in my results! Now, I'm considering collagen or perlane injections to fill in the scarring!
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