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Evolence Under the Eyes - Georgia

It left me with awful lumps and bumps under both...

It left me with awful lumps and bumps under both eyes...terrible experience...had to have surgery to correct this problem.

My advice: Be very careful with any injections under the eyes!

Did your surgeon make an incision above your skin or was he able to go throughthe inside of your lower eye lid or mounth. I have a huge long bump under my eye and I think my only hope is surgical removal but I do not want an incision scar on my face.


How is everything going now? Another reader 822202anonhorrorface
had a similar experience and also posted a review you might want to check out what they said and the info one of our moderators gave. Hopefully this helps. Is it feeling better as it's been a few days? Please let me know how it turns out.


Yes...doing much better. Just wish surgery hadn't been the only solution. My Evolence experience was AWFUL! It should have NEVER been put under my eyes!
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