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I've been visiting ps's for 6 months now. My whole...

I've been visiting ps's for 6 months now. My whole problem is NOT wanting an anchor lift. I realize my nipples are way down. I don't scar well at all. I have an appt. Dec. 3rd with one of the ps's that I've been to already. I will discuss with him anything other than anchor. I'm wanting to go bigger as well.


I haven't had my breasts done but when I was considering it ..in my research phase...my biggest NO was a lift-mastoplexy . I was so afraid of getting cut and cut. My friend comvinced me that if I wanted the best results to do what the professionals recommended. If you want them to look great you might have to give that up....I think the final results would be good and they would last longer. A good ps will reassure you of his capacity in performing a good lift and your body's healing capacity.
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You nipples are below your crease, and only a lollipop or maybe an anchor are going to give you results that look nice, shape-wise. Especially if you get implants. With no lift or a doughnut, you will just end up with Snoopy breasts. Perhaps diligent scar care and scar treatments will help? To achieve the proper shape, you kind of need to accept what is needed instead of what you would like to happen.... Sorry. Just trying to help you prepare. I hope everything goes well for you, though!
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