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I'm 22 years old, and 3 months ago had lingual...

I'm 22 years old, and 3 months ago had lingual braces put on. I chose to have the lingual braces on the top teeth and normal braces on the bottom. Because of my age i didn't want people to notice. The first 2 weeks i had trouble with my speech, especially with 's' and 'st' words. However, it wasn't long until i got used to it. I just tried to speak a lot more when no one was around to get used to it. I find that having a lisp for a few weeks it definitely worth it i just think of the perfect smile i will have when treatment is finished. Trust me people don't even know you have braces on until you actually tell them! You will be surprised. I know i was. Definitely worth it.

I'm 23, from Us and i am getting my lingual braces on top and metal on the bottom this feb. I am extremely excited from all the reviews iv read. People see they're teeth move and shift and its amazing! I can not wait to finally have a pretty smile. You are the only other person i found that is having the same thing done. I will be making a video blog on my process and i will start tit the day before the braces are on and continue updating through out my progress. Im happy its going well for you!


Thank you for starting this review! Three months in is definitely a good amount of time to know if it is something you will be able to live with for the rest of treatment or not. So glad it is going well for you so far!!

Since you have both styles of braces I would love to hear if you notice a difference in whether one style is easier to keep clean than the other.

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