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Rebuilding and Reshaping - Geelong, AU

After a time in my life where my goals were...

After a time in my life where my goals were crushed and I ended up on anxiety medication and with depression I gained weight which made me feel even worse about myself, I hid away in my home and knew the postman better than my neighbours because I ordered everything online. The online world can let us hide but it doesn't help us to recover from some events in our lives.

Someone that inspired me was Katie Piper who was attacked with acid and had a fight to gain a normality of life again. She inspired me that I needed to stop being a victim and become a survivor.

I was the girl who hung out with the boys with a bubbly personality and goals planned for my retirement and I was 28 years old. All that was changed by a workplace incident that lead me unable to even look men in the eye, I hardly had any contact with men hiding away in my house only being able to spend time with close family males and not trusting others. I never have told my family of what happened to me as I don't believe they should have to live with that information so my life had become a very lonely place and I was gaining weight through medication.

I am an independent woman who has only ever relied on myself but I needed to rebuild my life and started to make some wise decisions. I had a gastric sleeve operation which allowed me to loose the weight, the Dr I used was the first male that I had put any trust in for a number of years I remember my first appointment I couldn't even look him in the eye for fear. He was wonderful and he was step one in rebuilding.

Anxiety can stop us from doing so much and when my body had some large fatty lumps that were not going to budge and I hated them I spoke to the Dr I trusted and he recommended Mr Richard Rahdon as a plastic surgeon to go to. This for me was the second unknown male that I had to put some trust in and to believe that he was not out to hurt me but to help me. All this was very hard as I told no one what I was planning to do I felt that to rebuild I needed to know that it was my decision no one else influenced me and it is one of the best decisions I have made to rebuild my self confidence and to lift my depression. You may think it is hard to keep it a secret but not even my parents knew what I was having done until after the surgery when I needed them to pick me up from hospital.

The positives to my surgery are so many I now feel like I am a survivor and I am changing my future, I am no longer stuck in a house ordering items online, I am proud of my body, I am proud of the decisions I made to have a body lift and most of all I am proud of my surgeon who has done a wonderful job he has enabled me to start living again in a positive way to not shy away from people and the confidence that I have in him can't be expressed in words but I have gone from not being able to look him in the eye without being fearful to being able to have a great conversation and a joke with him, he has taught me that although we may get hurt in life there are professionals who can help us survive it and be a better person for what we have been through. I never thought I would work again now I can't wait to find a suitable job, to find a new social network to live life with a positive attitude.

So my lower body lift did more for me in a few days in hospital and a few weeks at home wearing my garment taking it easy that a years of medication.

I used my savings to make this operation possible was it worth it? I think if I had to sell off all my possessions just to have happiness I would do it in a heart beat

Was I scared? Yep and told no one I didn't want to be judged by other people I quickly got over that when nurses were looking at my body lift in hospital and going wow!!!

Will I tell people what I have had done? Who knows it is still a very private thing for me and I will only tell those that see it in the positive light that I do the money was worth it and it really is none of anyone's business on how much you spend on yourself if it brings you happiness.

Pain was it worth it? Yep the results far out way any pain you may experience

Hospital Staff? With Richard and his team I have had top quality medical care and I am thankful for all their help

I hope you read this and get something from it maybe you can change your life with plastic surgery maybe you can see some options that you didn't think possible but please know that being sad and alone at home is no fun I don't wish that on anyone, I wish that those who need it will get the happiness they deserve the confidence they should have and rebuild you life if that is what you need to do.
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

I had a wonderful surgeon Richard Rahdon who has put my best interests first and I appreciate that. I put my trust in him when I was so vulnerable I didn't trust many men. He put up with my shortcomings at times I didn't think I was worthy of his time but he gave me his time he never made me feel like I had to rush through an appointment because his next patient might be more important than me. He chose operational methods that were in my best interest and the results have been amazing. His skills are amazing and I think I am so lucky to have been referred to him. Something that was really wonderful is Richard worked to find time for my operation in the period I wanted to so that I could achieve other goals, I think it is so amazing that he can organise surgery without a huge long wait it just makes the process flow.

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