Need Hernia Repair and Revision Surgery After Gastric Bypass

I had gastric bypass surgery about five years ago....

I had gastric bypass surgery about five years ago. Roux-en-y gastric bypass was successful but I have stretched out pouch and a ventral hernia developed. I have now regained about 50% of the weight I lost (I initially lost 130 pounds but have gained about 65 back) and also developed a large ventral hernia.

I need to have ventral hernia repair and I am also contemplating revision surgery to reduce the size of the pouch back to where it was when I first had surgery.


Is it possible to have gastric bypass revision surgery at the same time as the ventral hernia repair?


Hi, I have moved your question to the doctor QA forum, where it's likely to get a quicker response for you.

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I also have the same question regarding having a hertia hernia repair and revision on the pouch. I lost 154 lbs in 2001 but I have gain 100 lbs back.
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