Gastric Bypass - La Jolla, CA

I LOVE IT. Its been 7 &1/2 years. I lost 120...

I LOVE IT. Its been 7 &1/2 years. I lost 120 lbs, no longer diabetic, or have high blood presure and was able to recover VERy quick to having both knees replaced. I have only gained 15 lbs back but that was my fault, I just got careless in my eating, but I am back on track.

If you are thinking about this procedure and want your health back JUST DO IT. I feel that the biggest key to my sucess is the support group therapy after the surgery. I didn't go at first and should have. I go now as I consider it my "tuneup". I will go to support group forever. If your doctor doesn't offer a support group. Look around other doctors offer them and will usually welcome you. Personally I wouldn't chose a doctor that didn't offer after surgery support. I am a 62 yr old female and walk 2-4 miles about 4 days a week and go dancing every Sat. night. I go hiking, biking and camping. Al things I couldn't do before my gastric-bypass.

I did it so someone else may make an informed...

I did it so someone else may make an informed decision about the procedure.  If my review helps just one person make a decision on what is right for them, thats great.

Thanks for your review. It really helps to have knwoledge from someone that has aready gone through bariatric surgery.

You sound like you're really enjoying post surgery life. Good for you and keep it up!

Dr Whitgrove, Skripps Clinic

I gained overall better health.

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