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After trying out the glycolic peel (which made my...

After trying out the glycolic peel (which made my skin very oily), my esthetician switched me to a salicylic peel. I will be getting them every two weeks-- my 2nd appointment is in six days.

My esthetician started me off with a lower-percentage solution and will work her way up after each additional appointment. She applied the solution and let it sit for a few minutes (until the tingling has stopped). There was no pain involved. Unlike other peels, washing the solution off was not irritating/painful. My skin was instantly soft and looked better as the day went on. By the next day, it looked smooth and had a nice texture-- it kinda looked like a real-life photoshop procedure LOL. I also had a cystic pimple on my chin that reduced in size and redness the day after my appointment.

I cannot wait for my next appointment!!!!!! I am 20 and take good care of my skin. I only suffer the occasional breakout during that time of the month or if I had slept in makeup (hey, it happens ...). I always had used a daily exfoliant, but my skin always had a certain roughness to it. I used to get facials every month which helped, but it has nothing on the results I've experienced with peels. It's a very quick and easy procedure that will even out the color and texture of your skin.

What was the percentage/concentration of acid for your first treatment? What is the highest percentage solution you can get?
Hey its great to see how well this worked for you... am having my first ever salycilic peel on wednesday, i need to knw wat to expect n how good will this make my skill feel... i dont do the peel on my own i have it done as i wouldnt try anythin on my own... just wanna knw the results of a mild peel n wat to expect

So glad to hear the Salicylic worked well for you! I'm assuming the $120 you have listed was just for 1 peel. Is that correct, or did that cover a package?

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