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Botox: $228, Looking Less Angry: PRICELESS-Gainesville, VA

My doctor uses 19 units on me every 4-5 months to...

My doctor uses 19 units on me every 4-5 months to treat a single vertical line between my eyebrows, which always made me look angry and made people constantly ask me, "what's wrong?"

Now not only is the line gone, but I think I get fewer tension headaches in the muscle between my eyebrows because I am unable to clench it. I also find that the effects seem to last longer the more I get Botox regularly. Initially it only lasted about 3 months but now it's closer to 5. The needles they use are teeny tiny, but you have a lot of nerve endings around your eyes so it does hurt a little bit. But the amount of pain is nothing compared to getting a tattoo, or even to getting waxed!


Oh yeah, I consider Botox a necessity now. I don't ever want to look angry when I'm not! :-)
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That's a good point ;) Might you have pictures?


Hey CountryGal,

Welcome to the Botox community. Thank you for comparing the pain of Botox to waxing/tattoos I always thought that's maybe how it felt, but not sure.

That's cool it doesn't wear off as fast, I wonder if that is true for others. I have a blog post in the works about migraine's and Botox.

Since you like it are you going to keep it up? Keep me updated. :)


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Renewal Medspa

They have good prices and only a doctor or nurse does the injections, and they don't overdilute the Botox.

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