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Getting Rid of Loose Skin in my Belly Once and for All - Gainesville, FL

I'm quite new to all this, I'm having my initial...

I'm quite new to all this, I'm having my initial consultation March 7 2012 for a tummy tuck, I'm quite nervous. I had considered surgery ever since i had my first child, i have 6 kids in total..I'm feeling quite lonely about my decision for the lack of support of my husband friends and family. I'm quite scared about having this done but I feel so bad every time i look int he mirror.

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I'm sorry u don't have a support system behind u. Sometimes u can't always tell ppl your business not even some friends... even though we want them to be there. I haven't had mine do as yet. But I do know what it feels like when u want to do something for yourself because your tired of looking or feeling a certain way. Best of luck.
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