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I got my approval yesterday. It took 4 weeks to...

I got my approval yesterday. It took 4 weeks to the day for insurance to get back to my surgeon. I have spent the last month educating myself on the procedure, what I can do to help myself, and how to prepare for post-op. My husband is VERY supportive.We have both taken 2 weeks off from work for this.

In the 6th grade i was a 32 C. As a freshman in high school I was a 32 DD at 5'8" and 120lbs. My wedding dress was ordered 6 sizes larger to accommodate my chest. They have only gotten bigger. They have been my identity my whole adult life. I am a little nervous about the identity change.

Thanks to all the ladies who have posted about your experiences. It has given me encouragement and invaluable information.


Congratulations, I am so happy and excited for you.  You are about to look and feel like a new woman.  
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Reality is setting in.......

I have started a list of questions for my pre-op. I found compression bras on sale BOGO. I bought a medium size and am keeping the receipt, just in case. In my head they should fit but the rest of me laughs hysterically. A medium?!?! I haven't seen that in 25 years. I am happily anxious about not having the shoulder and neck issues but I am also anxious about the change.


Congrats!!!! I'm happy that you are approved. That was a long wait. I waited 2 weeks and it felt like 2 months, so I can't imagine waiting that long. Well the wait is over now! I have mine on July 16th. I'm still in the process of writing questions for my pre op appointment that is on Wednesday. Good luck to you and I will be looking for updates.
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Thank you. I have a list of questions I carry around and keep adding to. My pre-op is July may be a few pages by then. Lol. Congratulations to you too!!!! I don't think it matters how long the wait for approval takes forever.
I keep mine with me also. If I'm reading a review and they say something I write down a question that I may have that pertain to that. You're right approvals take way too long. Lol.

Anxiety is kicking in with 1 week to go.

In 1 week I will be making final preparations for my surgery!!!!! I have my pre-op on Tuesday. I have a listnof questions ready. I have all my supplies in a little wicker basket that can be taken from the bedroom to the living room. My anxiety Iis making me crazy!!!!!!! I had trouble sleeping to begin with and it is even worse now. I can't take Melatonin or have Sleepy Time tea. Suggestions??????

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