I Gained Weight During Ultrashape

I went out of the country for Ultrashape since it...

I went out of the country for Ultrashape since it is not FDA approved in the States. Travel was minimal and I got a few vacations out of it. Make no mistake, I guarantee you this was the best part of it.

I have the common “pooch” in my tummy. I’ve never had children, it is just lingering fat that is always there. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 6 and this flab has never moved. I’m not fat. So Ultrashape seemed a good idea for me. I don’t really need a tummy tuck or lipo.

I had five Ultrashape procedures and followed the aftercare instructions to the letter. The aftercare includes a healthy diet and exercise, which was hard for me being on vacation but I did it. No dessert for me – I was faithful to the diet. Then I went home, waited, and went back for three more treatments. All this time I was getting measurements done and they were snapping pictures. It was very dramatic but the scale wasn’t moving.

Between the first and second procedures I lost two pounds, likely from the diet I was on. Between the second and third (not on vacation) I GAINED three pounds and between the other procedures I lost and gained two pounds respectively.

Net weight change: +1 pound... and it cost me $3,800.

No matter what they tell you about being a “dream” candidate for this or that “results vary,” these are not good results! These are not results at all!

Also I feel that they lead a misinformation campaign with fake blogs and message board comments – like with LSL. I can’t prove it but my big, fat gut says the similarities are too great to ignore!

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No weight loss but noticeable slimming of the area bein treated (belly)

2 first treatment where the most noticeable (last one 3rd...maybe not as much)..But It worth the money for me..
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I think there is nothing to do with your pulse, it is just one's metabolism is different from others'. The 80% of fat that has been released from treated fat cell is absorbed by untreated fat cells in your case, but for some other people, the fat has been drained into blood vessels and processed by the liver. Is there any possibility for you to loss weight through ultrasound methodology, yes, buy a high quality ultrasound massager and do it frequently and safely on your own, in the meanwhile, exercise on daily base to change your body structure, then you won’t gain your weight back that quick!
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I am of the opinion that you had done to you the same con game that was pulled on me. Had I not had just the ONE of NINE procedures work due to the one particular technician having an attack of conscience and taping me up properly I'd be of the same mind as you. Face it, there are con-men everywhere and I'm incredibly upset that I fell for their schtick. The same load of crap about how it doesn't work on everyone. Well that's not what they found in COUNTLESS clinical trials that were performed according to the proper working protocol. I'm thinking that your procedures were performed by someone trying to rip you off just like where I went. Read my blog below. The more research I do, the more I am inclined to believe that there are opportunists out there that would prey on unsuspecting people performing this procedure. To tell how many pulses you are getting, the number appears at the bottom of the monitor right after they position the markers on you. There will be the number of pulses on one side at the bottom of the screen and another number next to it which reflects the pulses counting down as they've been administered. There's no reason that you shouldn't see that number and if you've been taped properly and aren't too skinny for the procedure it should be in the range of 1000 or more pulses per treatment area which is 36 cm x 36cm, the size of area used in the clinical studies for Ultrashape. The clinic I went to said it was the size of 2 of my hands, which incidentally are 18 cm long but only 13 cm wide. Another way of reducing the efficacy of the treatment... I have corresponded with several people who have had good results with their treatments and they all said that they were taped up so tight they could not move in order to isolate the areas treated. The tape should be a Tensoplast type stretch adhesive bandage, not the stuff they basically just laid on me to no effect and which was akin to packing tape and took 4 days of labor intensive scrubbing to get the adhesive off. All these factors designed to make what I paid for work as minimally as possible... If I learned just one thing from this experience it's pay attention and don't take anyone's word for anything!!
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I'm thinking that maybe the assessment of success should be based on whether it changes the shape of the targeted area and not whether there is weight loss. I'd be interested in knowing if you experienced any contour alteration. I'd also point out that one of the reasons for FDA approval of medical devises is to demonstrate their effectiveness in addition to assuring safety. I can remember people flocking to mexico to ingest ground up peach pits to cure cancer.
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