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Love It! Results Started Coming in 2.5 Months - Fullerton, CA

At first, I had thought $100 for lashes no way....

At first, I had thought $100 for lashes no way. Now, there's no way I'm giving them up! The bottle is small, and I would toss the brushes that come with it. They waste the expensive Latisse. What I ended up doing was buying a very thin eye liner brush at Target ($2-$3), and used that to apply. Make sure that you have enough liquid on there so that you're upper eye lash line gets somewhat soaked. At first, I didn't do that, and didn't see the results. About 2.5 months later, my lashes started to come in. I went from having NO lashes, I have Asian puny ones, to gorgeous full long ones! I don't have to wear any eye makeup, and can just wear mascara and my eyes would pop! Incredible!
I haven't been able to apply any cause just got LASIK, but my eyelashes are still there. I did not have any side effects

Gorgeous full eyelashes


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