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Words can't describe how much i regret having...

Words can't describe how much i regret having surgery with Dr. Sam Goldberger, every day since the surgery has been a nightmare. Everytime I look in the mirror or see a picture of myself the pain and shock of how different i look is renewed.

I needed a ptosis repair on one eye for mild ptosis. My eyes were already good and I was happy with them besides the ptosis. I was very concerned that having corrective surgery would disturb my natural anatomy but Dr. Goldberger assured me he would be careful and conservative and he earned my trust.

Instead of doing just a ptosis repair on the one eye that needed it, he upsold me on inappropriate skin removal for both eyes, saying my eyes would not be symmetrical without skin removal on both eyes.

In hindsight I can't believe I was so dumb to go with this horrible advice when my non ptosis eye was fine already. but I did the surgery, and He did fix the ptosis (it's not perfect but improved), however my eyes were ruined from the upper eyelid skin removal.( bilateral blepharoplasty)

He reduced both of my upper eyelid folds which left assymetrical, muddled crease lines that look completely different than before. Before, my eyes were almond and doe eyed and had high parallel creases. Now, the scarline cuts down lower in a harsh angle through my old crease making both my eyes look smaller, rounded and aged. I also have lash and brow ptosis, and lines have formed through my forehead from the brow ptosis, where there were none before.
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His office is clean and professional, and he is responsive and has good bedside manner, but unfortunately in my opinion is using outdated cookie cutter skills and probably has a lot of overhead so thats why he needs to upsell. I would pay all the money I have to go back in time and undo this surgery. As a result of this surgery my eyes look completely different and about 20 years older. Please think long and hard about having any surgery.I definitely do not recommend this doctor if you do have surgery, there are definitely better aesthetically skilled and more conservative doctors who would not recommend skin removal on someone who doesn't need it.

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my heart weeps with you - every day I wake up I must face the reality of this forever change and I would do anything to go back to Oct 15th, 2010 the day before the surgery. I never knew such chronic pain could be experienced even greater than the emotional pain. Like you I wanted an improvement and had hope and excitement of this change. My experience is very similar to yours. I wear sunglasses everywhere I go. When I look in the mirror I'm horrified, shocked and disgusted that such damage could be done and I paid for it to boot! I'm learning to accept ugly. I went for beautiful. So much for life. My functioning hours are limited because of the nagging pain, dryness and discomfort and the worse part is that I brought it upon myself. I don't have the money for correction. I need a canthopexy. But it's risky as I've learned. My eyes look surgically cut at each corner of my eyes and they pull down. At least I can see well. That is to be grateful for. But this has brought on a deep depression that can't be shaken. If I had the money I'd go for it anyway. What's to lose at this point? Perhaps my sight, but that's unlikely. Just want my eyes to look good. I hope all works out well for you - I'll say prayers. Again, my heart weeps with you. Jill
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Thanks for your kind words Jill. I have been consulting with lot's of doctors for revision. Very soon I plan on having crease revision (similar to Asian Eyelid Surgery) on both eyes to hopefully sharpen the creases, improve the height and symmetry and down the line possibly a brow lift.
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Keep us posted on what you decide to do so we can cheer you on and offer support :)
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I'm so sorry you are went through all of this and are left with bad results.  Is there anything that can be done? 
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