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Full Tummy Tuck After Mini Tummy Tuck

5'8", 135 lbs., 4 children I had a mini...

5'8", 135 lbs., 4 children

I had a mini tummy tuck 7 years ago, and the surgeon also tighten the muscles above the belly button as well.
I now have "dog ears" when I sit down with loose skin on the sides, although the very small area from the belly button to the scar line is tighter.
I would now like to have a full tummy tuck, and I went back to my original plastic surgeon. He has informed me that I do not have enough skin for a full without having a vertical incision also.
I got a second opinion from another plastic surgeon, and he is telling me that I do have enough skin without having a vertical incision.


Was your original physician Dr. Brantley?
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Can you explain to me what the "dog ear" scars are? I am not understanding what that looks like or why it happens. Is it only with the mini tuck this occurs?
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Sherry, that is a big decision...if you do not have enough skin and they do the TT, your scar could end up being high. Talk to the surgeon about that, and trust your instincts. Good luck!
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