I Now Have Fuller Natural Looking Lips

I am so pleased I decided to have the Fulfil...

I am so pleased I decided to have the Fulfil implants. I had always had quite thin lips which i felt made me look stern and I really wanted fuller lips. I hadn't had anything done before because i had seen people who had had really bad lip augmentation. Their lips just didn't look natural. They looked like sausages and I really didn't want to look like that.

The procedure was really quick (about half hour) and although it felt a little funny, it was virtually painless. The only thing that hurt a little was when th doctor gave me the anesthetic injection. My lips were pretty swollen for about three days and they felt quite tight for about a week but after that they were fine.

My lips kept their original shape but just got bigger. The best thing about it for me, is that they still feel soft and look natural. I would recommend looking into this if you are considering lip augmentation.

I have naturally very small thin lips (no upper lip at all, sort of ok bottom lip but still on the small side). I have been looking into permanent lip enhancement options for a couple of years since Restylane didn't really do much for me. After toying with the idea of a gullwing lift I have decided to have Fulfil instead. Still trying to find the best dr for this. Who did yours?
How long have you had them for? Do they feel hard? Kiss test? Any complications? I am interested in this procedure but worried because it is quite new and there is little information on long term results and side effects.
I am also very interested in these lip implants and would LOVE to see before and after pics.
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My doctor was friendly, listened to what I had to say and seemed very confident with what he was doing. I felt I was in safe hands

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