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Latisse VERY Fast Results - Fort Worth, TX

Worried a lot about trying the product (near eyes?...

Worried a lot about trying the product (near eyes? How can that be a good thing?). My dermatologist prescribed after annual visit. My lashes were super skimpy and short. I am a blue eyed blonde.
After 3 days of use there was a VERY noticeable difference. I've used it 3 more times, unbelievable results. One worry is my very blue eyes seem to have a half moon, thin circle at the top of Iris's that is very pale green or just a lack of pigmentation now. I have no idea why, will contact manufacturer.
Did you mean 30 days? I know not everyone will have the same results in the same amount of time, but to see a "VERY noticeable difference" after only 3 days is unheard of.
Yes, 3 days! Then I went to twice a week for 2 more weeks. Will probably have to stop though (sadly!) as my blue eyes are changing color, across the very top semicircle of iris.
You saw results after three days?  
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