Smart Lipo - Waste of Money

Was happy at first but most of my friends say they...

was happy at first but most of my friends say they do not see the difference and asked me where did i have it done. i had my arms back and stomach done and i am still do not have the flat stomach i expected. what is so funny is that i did not tell my husband and it does not matter because if i did look that diffent he would say something. the only thing he notice is the marks that the probe made on both my arms, he thinks that they are insect bites.

greetings, was your surgeon a board certified plastic surgeon?
I had smart lipo on april 15 2010, I would have to say as of right now I am not that impressed with it. I looked better 2 weeks after I had it done then now. I have been wearing my garment 24/7, even got a littler one b/c the other one was streched out, it has been about 6 weeks now and I still have a pooch.
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