Smart Lipo Inner and Outter Thighs and Inner Knees

I am a 26 year old female, and had smart lipo done...

I am a 26 year old female, and had smart lipo done on my inner and outter thighs and inner knees yesterday. ive always had a problem with my lower half of body and have always been self conscience so this is why i did smart lipo.

I AM EXTREMLY SORE! FROM NECK ON DOWN. MY THROAT FEELS SO UNCOMFORTABLE... AND DID I MENTION HOW SORE I AM!!!! I feel like i just did a 12 rounder with Gamboa!! I take the pain meds but they make me sleepy. I am happy with my lower half so far but i have the compression garment on so im not sure how i will be once its off.

I did notice today in my post op that i had 2 dents, one on each side of my hips.... is this normal??? will those dents eventually go away and even out with my legs?? Will i swell back up or what i see now, is this how my final results will look like? Thanks in advance!
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He was straight and to the point and seemed very knowledgable. Him and his team members made me feel very comfortable.

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it should even out, just make sure u wear ur compression garments tight and 24/7, i will be wearing mine for a min of 6 weeks, i hear the longer/ tighter the better
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Thanks, ive been wearing my garment all day everyday, and have only removed it either to shower, or to wash it. Ill keep note and definatly wear it as long as i can. NOW, ITS BEEN ONE WEEK SINCE MY SURGERY AND I CANT STOP ITCHING!!!!!!!!! THIS ITCHING IS SO BAD.... =(
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I am now one week (today) after surgery. So far, so good. My Dr. told me to take 25 mg. of Benadryl IF I start itching. So far I have not had to take any, but just want to let you know that is what he told me. And I have a bottle just in case. GOOD LUCK!!
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