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Smart Lipo on 8 Areas - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hello, I am 21 and I am about 40 pounds from the...

Hello, I am 21 and I am about 40 pounds from the weight I want to be and I figured this would be a great way to jumpstart to a new body. I really just have stubborn fat areas like my mid-section. I read a review on here (Jenn1227) and went to the same place. The doctor seems great and the people are real friendly. I am getting my upper/lower abs, flanks (love handles), chin, arms, "bra fat", back, and inner thighs. I went to Strax rejuvenation in ft Lauderdale and the doctor that will be doing my procedure is Dr. K so if anybody knows of him or his work I would love to here about it before I get the surgery.

Once I get the procedure done I will provide before and after photos :-)

The price is great and they originally quoted $3,499 plus the IV sedation for $450 which was a total of $3949. They have great deals for when you pay all cash or get the surgery on certain days but because I said I would pay with my own money (not finance) the owner quoted $2,999, which is a steal for all I am getting done.


I'm getting stuff done thinking of tummy tuck wonder how Strax is with that hair first then stomach does any one know how they are or place for strax price S J
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Hi Brittany, Thanks for sharing, where did you have this done? I live in Lauderdale and am in the market for a good and affordable place! Thanks!
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AND i forgot .. my deposit is 100% refundable if I change my mind but I hope I can get down in weight and have procedure and I hope I love the results.. Im really nervous.
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