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Botox Didn't Work Well 2nd or 3rd Time, Trying Dysport. Botox $215, Dysport $175 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The first time I tried Botox it worked but I got a...

The first time I tried Botox it worked but I got a headache for weeks. The second time I had Botox it didn't work at all, the 3rd time it worked partially but only for a few weeks. My aesthetician asked if I wanted to try Dysport, they are doing a promotion for $75 rebate and then another $75 rebate if you like it, and even if you don't like it they give you a rebate on any other botulinum toxin type A product. But you gotta get the injection before Sept 30th 2010 !

Will add comment in 2 days when i have it done to compare my experiences. I don't know why all other places are so expensive.... go to an RN/esthetician who works out of a Dr office... not a Plastic Surgeon who is just charging his fees. Dysport costs $500 a bottle and you get 5 areas out of that, so their actual cost is only $100 per area !

HI Missmoo,

I'm curious, you mention you would post again in a few days but never did. How did the Dysport work, did you get a headache? Is it more permanent, did you notice a difference between it and the Botox other than price? Hope you are doing well, and curious to know how you are feeling now.

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