Horrible Decision. Side Effect is DEATH (19 Year Old Guy)

I was a perfectly healthy 19 year old guy when I...

I was a perfectly healthy 19 year old guy when I started this drug and I can only say that you better know what you are getting yourself in to. Within 1 1/2 months I had developed severe abdominal pain and stopped immediately, if I hadn't reacted so soon and taken the necessary precautions to heal myself with probiotics and digestive enzymes I believe I would have easily developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome or something worse. BUT EVEN SO, if you do not experience ANY side effects KNOW that this drug shortens your DNA and thus your biological clock (lifespan!) for EVERYBODY (by shortening your telomeres). This drug should only be used for cancer patients who need it! This is the consequence of greedy pharmaceutical companies making a profit $$$$$$$!

My perspective on life was changed after this drug and I completely value my health so much more over my skin (which is very bad). Don't risk your own health for beauty unless you are truly that vain.


severe, deadly side effects are rare........my son used accutane to clear his acne and it has positivelychanged his life...self image, self confidence, less stress, very happy....worth the risk of a shortened DNA strand.
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I really don't think that it is worth shortening your lifespan. Acne is horrible, but life is more precious than external beauty. And trust me I am dealing with darn acne and I hate it with a passion, but I am way too healthy to give it up for something that is not a 100% safe with horrible side effects. That's just me.
So many things can shorten ones lifespan. Eating bad can shorten ones lifespan!! It's not just about external beauty... Believe it or not having acne can be a life struggle on its own. There are very few people who can look in the mirror, smile and say "I'm ok with this!" It's not only the appearence of the zits but the uncomfortable, irritable sensation you get and the people who stare that actually make you feel you shouldn't be out in public. Accutane may have had severe side affects on some people, but when you look at the ratings the positive feedback have the upper hand. It has literally saved lives in a way making people come out of there shell and actually living instead of hiding. It's the risk that you take. Me, personally.... it saved me! The fact that I feel comfortable even to come outside and enjoy life is a life blessing by itself. So to leave this on a positive note, everyone reacts different because everyones body is different. Can't judge on a product because one person reacted to it. Some people are allergic to nuts but that doesn't mean nuts are bad for us... in fact, nuts are extremely healthy for us.
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