Friends Ask if I Had Something Done to my Face

I am thrilled with my face and necklift. I am back...

I am thrilled with my face and necklift. I am back in low cut T's and turtlenecks. I am a 60 yr. old H.R.Mgr.and I have constant employee contact and the results are so natural no one can tell - guess-yes, confirm-No.

I shared the before and after pictures with a chosen few and they are amazed with the results.People guess my 40 daughter is my sister. My treatment was great. The staff was helpful from beginning to end and they are still helpful if I have questions or concerns.

My Dr. is the best - he did not over correct, he is a very caring, concerned person. My husband had his waddle removed and he is just as pleased. It was well worth the money in just how I feel about me now.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

He is interactive, does not push more than is necessary, is realistic and is a very caring, concerned Dr.that stays involved until you are satisfied and he is too. Highly skilled and very professional. Staff is great also.

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My biggest concern is price. How were you able to get this in CA. Most surgeries are 20K?
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I live in Dallas Texas have been contemplating the exact same procedures. I love the fact that you recommended your doctor and that your husband had confidence in him as well. I, to am 62 and I need some work done on my neck and double chin,my cheeks pulled up. I think 14,000 for Beverly Hills sounds very reasonable. I have decided instead of a new car I will have these procedures done. How long did it take you before you looked presentable to go out into public or return to work? I still work I am a family counselor in the funeral industry.Is there any type of payment plan with your doctor or is it all payable in cash or credit card? I appreciate any insight you can give me. Thanks
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