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my experience with juvederm - Fresno, CA

I'm 20 & for my 21st decided to get my...

I'm 20 & for my 21st decided to get my lips done. She used 1 full syringe & I would not use any less then that.

It was uncomfortable at times but not too bad. I have a little bit of bruising on the side of my lip. It took her about 15 minutes & towards the end I wanted her to stop because of the pain but i'm glad i didn't because i'm satisfied with the look. I have a chk up with her next week and still have some juvederm left that i'll use for my lip.

I would totally recommend getting your lips done if you've been thinking about it! I've wanted this forever & am very happy :)

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Hi Summer,

Welcome to the Juvederm community. Yay, glad it worked out so well for you aside from the pain. Is this something you will continue with in the future? Do you have pictures we would love to see them? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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