Took Two Rounds of Accutane Years Ago - Fresno, CA

I took Accutane years ago. First round at 15 which...

I took Accutane years ago. First round at 15 which permanently cleared the acne on my back. The second round at 24 when my acne returned badly. This helped my horrible acne. I love Accutane it was one of the best things that ever helped me. I experienced horrible dry skin while on the medication but it made me feel like I could go outside again. Whenever I see people with horrible acne I want to tell them to get on Accutane! I have small scarring now on my cheeks but its not obvious.


Welcome and thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with Accutane with us! Glad you had wonderful results - did you take progress pictures? What type of acne did you have?
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