Excited for my Rhinoplasty/septoplasty - Fresno, CA

Big noses run in my family, but when i was younger...

Big noses run in my family, but when i was younger i broke my nose twice in the same year and my nose developed a big dorsal hump on it. when i when to visit my doctor for breathing problems he told me i have a deviated septum and a bone spur that need to be removed or it would slowly cause my breathing problems to get worse.

i decided that i wanted to get a rhinoplasty with my septoplasty because my profile makes me really self conscious. im really excited that my insurance is actually going to be paying for both, but as the surgery approaches im kind of freaking out about the results of the surgery. im just going to hope for the best.

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If you don't mind me asking or you can email me personally but what doc did you go to? I'm having the same issue and I can't seem to find a doc in Fresno that takes insurance.
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Hey how are u doing? Hope that the holidays were fun;)
Any updates?
At my end I am 3 weeks away from surgery, and 13 days away from getting my blood work done. Mine PS request blood work for everything. Did u have blood work? I am excited and anxious at the same time... My mom says that I should not mess with it but she doesn't understand as her nose is perfect (seriously!) I tell her that I have her nose except for the hump that I genetically got from my fathers mother whom btw I have only seen a hand full of times (a different forum topic lol)
Anyway she is just scared that my PS will ruin my nose. But this PS did my cousins breast and he specializes in face. My cousin created this QA and while ago but I have taken over it lol.

Anyway hope u are well
Thnks ;)
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Hey Vanessa & Jennee84,
I completely understand! I go for my consultation this month and I'm doing so much research on what to expect post surgery. I'm kinda nervous because this is my first time having any kind of surgery and going under general anesthesia. Surgery is supposed to be scheduled for March. The reason I'm having the surgery is because like you I have a small hump on the bridge of my nose too...genetics are awesome huh? And like you it's always bugged me! It's taken a lot of courage for me to finally decide to go ahead and have the surgery but I know if I don't have it then I will never be happy with the way that I look. I'm sure you guys understand. Anyways, I hope everything turns out well with your surgeries and that you look gorgeous! Let me know how it goes!
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hey man you and i are on the same boat lol i have a small hump on the bridge of my nose that i got from my grandmother on my fathers side. i have always hated it and at 27 i am finally having the courage to do it. I am super freaked out too lol i just kind of want to wake up and have it be over! i hope that everything goes well for anyone getting a nose job. Anyway I have my dr and the operation is for FEB 3 2012. Let me know how it goes for you ;D wishing you a speedy recovery :)
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don't be too nervous, it's worth the outcome! make sure ur confident with ur plastic surgeon and that his or her main focus and surgeries are the nose. You don't want a surgeon who specializes in say... lipo or implants to do ur nose.ya know
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