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I made an appointment to deal with a vein in my nose and sun damaged skin.

I made an appointment to deal with a vein in my nose and sun damaged skin. The esthetician and I agreed on the CO2 procedure to be done during the Christmas holiday several months away. In passing the topic of Botox came up and I said it has never worked for me. I had tried 2 times before with other doctors, but I agreed to give it one more try, saying very clearly "lets keep to $200 around the eyes and see what happens." Well, when I get done with the injections I am told the bill will be $700! I questioned this on the way out but payed the bill. I returned at 4 days, 3 weeks and a month to show NOTHING had changed or worked as I predicted. On my third visit the sales Reps from the Botox Company were present and said they would "make this right" and the esthetician verbally concurred. I week later I received a call being offer a facial or more Botox. Both something I was not looking for!
The expensive lesson learned is don't get talked into a procedure you don't want or know will not work!

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Yes, I was charged $700. When talking with the Botox sales rep who happened to be there when I arrived to show nothing happened even after several weeks---just did not believe I had no effects, the cost, etc.
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I don't understand why it was so much he only charges 10.00 a unit. I get alot in several areas of my face and it usually is around 300-350. I would insist they tell you how many units they used so you can figure out why it was so much. To bad it doesn't work for you it really is great when it does.
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They charged you $700 for botox?  Do you remember how many units they used?  I'm sorry you had to spend so much money for no results. 

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I did ask the front desk person/esthetician and I was told "...with in the prescribed bounds". The strange thing to me is the doctor has never reached out to me. I have been in contact with his office about the failed procedure but no communication of any type from the doctor who administered the botox. I also spoke with Allergan ( who were very nice & professional) now and they have been in touch with the doctor. But, they can do very little.
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