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Love Latisse - I've Been Using It for 4 Wks and See a Big Result - Fredericksburg, VA

Understood all the warnings. They where very clear...

Understood all the warnings. They where very clear. Even asperin has side affects. Everything has warnings and side affects. If I have a side affect that bothers me too much I just stop taking or applying it. How hard is that. What are we children. I am so tired of hearing that I don't know how to read or use things.

But been using it for 4 wks and see a big result. Can't wait for the 16 wk.


I am really thinking some of these posts are from advertisers. This sounds more like someone promoting the product than an actual user. is there any way to police this real self and have only real patients post only?
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Hi Katerina,

All reviews go through moderation first and we have procedures in place to catch most spammers. Sometimes the odd bit of spam slips through but thankfully our community does a pretty good job of deciding what's "too good to be true" and what isn't! :)

We're always looking for new ideas, so if you have any thoughts on how to verify patient reviews, please let us know. Thanks!

Thank you Sharon. :) two of the posts really sounded to be pushing a product, that was why i wondered. Plus i was reading that some procedures posted on real self are from the actual providers pretending to be patients, that is why i wondered. But i praise Juvederm so much, i wonder if anyone thinks I am the manufacturer! :D
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