First Treatment for Acne Scaring

Just had my first treatment this morning for Acne...

Just had my first treatment this morning for Acne scarring. I have had this for a long time (10 + years) and although it will be expensive ($1,200) per session, it sounds like it is worth it. More to come on the longer term results, but I was able to go to work an hour after treatment.

The procedure was relatively painful, but I didn't have any painkillers or numbing agents. The swelling is mild, redness is average to light average (but uniform). My skin does feel dry, although NYC today feels completely dry anyway. The doctor didn't give any specific treatment instructions, so all seems OK so far (and hopefully will stay this way).

So, I can't comment on results as of yet (but will in a week or so), but I am back at work after an hour (10 minute icing and some gel). Hopefully someone finds this useful.


Yikes, I guess it has been ~2 years since my last post. The office went to is in NYC (I think they have other locations as well). Anyway, ~2 years later, the overall acne scars are down a bit (maybe ~30%). They seem to have come back (I'd say they were down ~50-70% for the 6 months after the last procedure). I'd like to do another treatment, but don't want to pay as much, so I'll likely look for another place. Hope this helps. Sorry for taking so long to post.

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What's the name of your doctor and where is his office located???
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Just wondering what your end result was for your acen scars. I am a 46yo male with acne scars.
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