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Bad Rash. Bumpy red, now 2 weeks later and still...

Bad Rash. Bumpy red, now 2 weeks later and still no inprovement. Given Tetracycline, clindasol 1% nothing working. Went in litterally for 1 shallow mark on left cheek 1/8cm by 1/8 cm and two tiny ice pick marks on right cheek. i was told to do whole face because the treated spot area would not match the rest of my face. Well my face first broke out in white PUSTULES, then followed by a rash from jaw line to nose to under eyes, around eyes and forehead. Then the rash started. I was never given a proper post op/skin care routine. They just said mild cream. I used kinerase. Doctor is saying that is the culprit. I say it is the fraxel. I look worse than when I went in. I will update after March 10th, going to see Dr. Sooooo depressed, once agin should of went with my instinct: ONLY SPOT TREAT AREA......
How are you healing? What did you do, Was another doctor able to fix??? Or did it heal on its own/How long did it take?
How are you progressing I had the same problem Over a year later...Still have white bumps under my skin??
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