Fraxel Restore - First Treatment First Day Exactly As Promised

I decided to get Fraxel Restore after reading all...

I decided to get Fraxel Restore after reading all the reviews and literatures on it for primary acne scars and sun spots.

Today was my first session and the experience was exactly as described in all the Fraxel literatures. My face was numbed for an hour and the wiped off to be replaced with some lotion that is used to guide the laser. The procedures lasted 20 minutes and the pain was nothing more than hundreds of tiny ant bites. It went by so fast that it really doesnt hurt that much. My face was iced for a couple minutes and i drove home.

Its has a pinkish tone like a light sun burn - and i can feel a little roughness to it like sand paper. I had lots of deep scars on my nose and it feel a bit thicker there since the doctor used a higher setting on my scars.

I was very nervous before the procedure based on what i read here but this has turned out so wonderful - i cant wait for my second session and cant wait what my skin will look like.


Updated: October 24, 2008

Updates after three weeks - the first 2 weeks - my skin broke out terribly. I had acne all over my chin and my nose. It stopped and i see improvements on my scars and my pores are smaller. I cant wait to do the second treatment because i heard thats when you see most improvements. 


Lucasmom - can you tell me the doctor you used, I want to go there.
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Lauren - I had Fraxel Restore last month and am worried about all the horror stories Ive read about the long term effects. Have you had any problems at all since your first treatment?
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I had my first Fraxel 3 weeks ago and am looking forward to #2. I had a very well respected doctor do the fraxel and I agree with other...really check the person out. I have had this doctor do Resytlene and Botox before so felt confident. They told me exactly what was going to happen. I went home very read and hot but even went to my bookclub that night...they loved it. I had this done on a Thur afternoon and by Monday I could go anywhere without anyone seeing anything other than maybe a slight sunburn.
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Name not provided

Hes been doing this for a long time and a board certified dermatologist.

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