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Fraxel Repair = Very Satisfued

I had Re:pair done in early July. It was my full...

I had Re:pair done in early July. It was my full face and neck. I am 55 year old male.

There was little pain with pain relievers. The soaking and other follow-up went well. There was a lot of swelling on day 2/3.

I returned to work after 10 days. I was very red for about 4 weeks but now after 10 weeks the redness is completely gone.

As to the results, I am very pleased. (It took a long time to heal around my eyes) My skin is noticeably improved. (You can see the demarcation line between treated and non-treated.) Because I did my face and neck, I can see tightening around my chin and jaw.

I am very pleased with the result. If you have the time, money and a good doctor, it was worth it.

Have any of you heard of Dr Paul Friedman or Ramsay Markus in Houston Texas? Which one is more experienced and better in your opinion? Im trying to find out which one has done the most fraxel repairs. If you used either one of them were you pleased? Thank you! Ann
I am looking for a good doctor for Fraxel Repair treatment in Atlanta. Where have you done it? If your doctor is in Atlanta, will you tell me where I can go to get help?
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